It's Saturday night and you are out having dinner - it's your "prime time" to post on the gram and you are stressing because you haven't created any content for your page. 😬
You get the sweats 😓 and excuse yourself. Whilst you are being antisocial you throw together a post. There. done. NOPE! Not done! 🙅🏽‍♀️ You see comments flooding through and your DM's are going crazy. You can't keep up! OR You have NO IDEA what the flippen heck you are doing when it comes to the gram and you can't seem to get your followers past the next 100 mark. 😭

That's where I come in... 

Insta all in! 🙌🏼 

  • I will take control of your Instagram page (muhahaha!) Jks! 😈
  • Develop your brand awareness + online reputation
  • Develop leads + potentially sales
  • Basic content creation + research
  • Post at optimal times according to your insights
  • #hashtag research #️⃣
  • Bio creation development 
  • Instagram networking with likeminded people
  • Daily Instagram engagement ie. commenting on others posts
  • 1hr strategy, analytics + goal session (this can be done all online or we can meet for a coffee - up to you!)
  • 30mins of shadowing for Instagram story/ IGTV content
  • Unlimited SOS via email + phone 🆘
  • $400.00 per month ($14.30 per day!)
  • Maximum of 3 businesses is all I will take on so that each business has my full attention 

What I need from you for Insta all in

  • Full access to your Instagram profile + insights
  • Some image content to get started
  • Background on your business ie. What's your brands voice? 
  • Sign my privacy T&C's

Insta game plan ✌🏼




  • Strategy session 
  • One month content plan
  • 3 sets of industry relevant hashtags
  • Industry specific tips + tricks to posting
  • Tips on how to 'be social' on the gram
  • Understanding your insights
  • $200 per session

Insta investigation ☝🏼

  • Analysis session
  • Guidance to reach your insta goals
  • 1 set of industry relevant hashtags
  • Tips, tricks + solutions to your struggles
  • Understanding your insights
  • $110.00 per session

Insta feature Friday's

  • Want to take advantage of my wide wedding audience and gain some potential clients?! 😱
  • Every Friday will be a 'Feature Friday' where Owl & Bear will promote your business on my Insta feed 
  • Posts will be scheduled on Friday's at my peak time 5pm-6pm
  • My insights and engagement rates per post are available upon request
  • Wedding businesses only Australia wide 
  • $55.00 per post

Need my help?! Get in touch below!!! 👩🏽‍💻

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